The Fernwood Community Animation Project

1200 images.
100 artists.
1 film.

A celebration of community-centered collaborative art making, The Fernwood Community Animation Project united one-hundred artists and non-artists, young and old to cut, paint, colour, copy, glue and draw their way through a short animated film about the Fernwood neighbourhood in Victoria, BC Canada.

The film was shot on video at 12 frames per second, with individual frames printed out as photocopies, packaged and distributed to members of the public. Each animation package contained 24 images, corresponding to a unique 2 second piece of the final short film. Participants were invited to colour the images in any way they wanted, with the final project seen as a means of uniting the community through their love of the neighbourhood and art.

The Fernwood Community Animation Project was created and produced by Morgan Rhys Tams during the summer/fall of 2014.

The film can viewed online, or as a site specific networked installation outside of the Fernwood Community Association building at 1923 Fernwood Rd. in Victoria.

Thank you:
All the Artists,
The Pandora Arts Collective,
The Fernwood Community Association,
and YOU for reading all the way down this page.

The producer would also like to acknowledge the assistance of the City of Victoria's Communty Artist-in-Residence Grant in the creation of this project.