Deep Roots - Season 2.

The two audio docs above are samples from the second season of the Deep Roots Initiative, which was a project of CKTZ Radio on Cortes Island, BC Canada. In the role of Senior Producer, I provided training, guidance and technical assistance with the production of 18 radio documentaries whose themes and content came from members of the Klahoose First Nation on whose territory the Cortes community lives. I am deeply grateful for the sharing of stories that took place in  this project. Check out the links above for more information on the project and on the Klahoose people.

Deep Roots - Season 1.
A long-form doc piece for season one of Deep Roots, a series produced by CKTZ Radio on the topic of environmental issues and local solutions on Cortes Island, BC. In this episode, I delve into the wacky world of the Cortes Island 'Free Store' as an island institution demonstrating a possible solution to society's obsession with 'stuff'.